Focus Groups

There is an opportunity to use augmented reality and onsite gamification at casino destinations to enhance the customer experience, create a sense of value, and attract and engage guests… The target customer identified by Play the Field is real and would respond well to a mobile experience tied to a casino destination.

Threads Research, 2018


People who use their mobile phones for gaming and social media don’t think of this activity as a type of entertainment, it’s just what they do! What’s more, participants told us they want to interact with businesses through their phones, providing it’s fun and there’s a clear value.

What customers said about Play the Field’s Value Proposition:

I visit the casino with my girlfriends. It would be fun to have something to do when I need to take a break from the slots.

– Christine, 36 Accountant

If you want a bit of a change without leaving it gives you something to do.

– Suzie, 38, Physiotherapist

I play in poker tournaments and there are breaks, it’d be a fun game to play during breaks… gives you a break–maybe the cards are cold… a fun little time killer and escape

– Jeff, 34, Plumber


  • Focus group participants were recruited based on their casino visitation and use of mobile games.
  • Field testing was in 2018 at McPhillips Station Casino in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Survey completed by Ipsos Marketing in July 2018. Online questionnaire to people who had visited a casino L12M to explore their mobile gaming behaviour and loyalty program engagement.